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Yeast Infection and Bacterial Infection Pinterest

Yeast Infection and Bacterial Infection: Best Natural Remedies

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If you have ever had a yeast infection, you know that it can be pretty uncomfortable until it gets resolved. Several years ago, I started getting chronic yeast infections. I would go to the store and get Monistat to treat it or a prescription from my OB/GYN. It was not until later that I realized the treatment I was using was only masking the symptoms and not resolving the underlying problem. This article focuses on natural ways of treating yeast infection and bacterial infections. Read more

Are Prenatals Necessary in Our Modern World

Are Prenatals Necessary in Our Modern World?

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Are prenatal supplements really necessary in this day and age? It is a conundrum I have debated back and forth over the past several years since I began following the tenets of the Weston A. Price Foundation. While the foundation recommends that pregnant women obtain all their nutrients from food alone, it has been my own experience, as well as knowledge on the modern world, that I have come to the conclusion that taking prenatals are necessary. Read more

Number One Morning Sickness Remedy That Worked for Me

Number One Morning Sickness Remedy that Worked for Me

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If you are anything like me (and have been pregnant), you have most likely suffered morning sickness. For me, it has been downright debilitating. From the time I start experiencing morning sickness until it ends, I can barely function unless I have someone taking care of my meals for me. I am happy to report that I have found the number one morning sickness remedy, at least that worked for me. However, many other women have reported that it has completely stopped their morning sickness as well. Read more