How to Prevent and Treat Group B Strep

How to Prevent and Treat Group B Strep in Pregnancy Week 35 Update

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Group B Strep (GBS), or Group B Streptococcus is a bacteria that lives in 25% of healthy women in the vagina or rectum. It is rare to occur (1 in 2000 babies in the US), but it is possible for a woman to pass this on to her baby during birth. Of women who test positive for GBS, 1 out of 200 of these babies who aren’t treated with antibiotics will get GBS. Read more

Adverse Effects of Doppler and Ultrasound

Pregnancy Vlog Week 24 Adverse Effects of Doppler and Ultrasound

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It is standard procedure to use a doppler to hear the baby’s heartbeat during every prenatal appointment with your doctor. It is also standard to have at least one ultrasound during pregnancy to determine the baby’s development. The question we should be asking is should we be using doppler and ultrasound as standard procedure during pregnancy? Read more

Morning Sickness

Pregnancy Vlog Week 14 and 8 Ways to Treat and Prevent Morning Sickness

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Well I am into my 14th week of pregnancy. Thankfully, my morning sickness is dissipating quickly! This week I want to especially share with you my experiences with morning sickness and what I have done to treat it and keep it from coming back. I am sharing some traditional knowledge along with some new information. Read more