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My Experience with In-Home Lab Testing (CHEKD)

Before my appointment, the director of operations confirmed with me. She let me know the name of my phlebotomist and her number in case she got lost. My phlebotomist called me before the appointment to let me know she was on her way.

Once she arrived, I showed her where to set up. I got comfortable on the couch. Within a couple minutes, she was drawing my blood. I was amazed at how quick it went!

Before I knew it, she was packing up. She told me my lab results would be delivered to me within 72 hours. She was in and out of my apartment in less than 10 minutes!

I received my lab results a little over 24 hours later, delivered securely to my email. Shortly after, I received a call from the founder Dr. Aaron Grossman to set up time to go over my results. We ended up reviewing them right on the call.

He was very friendly, helpful and explained things so that I could understand. He helped me to understand what things I needed to pay attention to with my health. He made sure that all my questions were answered before ending the call.

Why Would You Want to Get Your Blood Drawn at Home?

1. Comfort of Your Home

You get to be in the comfort of your home instead of an eerie doctor’s office.

2. No Wait Time

You get to choose the date and time that works for you. You are saving 2-3 hours of time out of your day by using this service! Normally, you would have to make an appointment with your doctor, wait until you are called, get your blood drawn there or go somewhere else to get it drawn only to wait longer.

3. Beneficial for the Elderly and Disabled

Getting lab work at home is especially beneficial for the elderly and disabled. Some people are unable to leave their homes, at least easily. At home lab testing makes it more convenient and accessible to everyone.

4. You can Choose Your Lab Tests

You don’t have to convince your doctor to order lab tests for you. Unfortunately, most doctors are not ordering blood work for their patients. This is a shame because lab work can often tell a deeper story of what is going on in your body.

Why Choose CHEKD?

1. Lower Cost

Many other companies charge high prices for lab work. However, CHEKD charges the lowest possible prices they can.
Below you can see an example receipt of someone who ordered basic tests from another company. The total cost was $1300 for the tests. If they had used CHEKD, their total would have been $203. That is a lot of savings!

2. Can Pay with HSA and FSA

CHEKD accepts HSA and FSA accounts as payments. They do not accept insurance, but it is nice that they at least accept those form of payments.

3. Access to an Affordable, Convenient Personalized Health System

When you are dealing with a chronic condition, you may need a variety of blood tests to accurately assess your condition. I got a hormone panel to see how I am doing with my PCOS. I will talk about that in another post. CHEKD gives you all the tools necessary to see how the treatment of your chronic condition is progressing.
I am very happy with the experience I had with CHEKD. They are an affiliate of mine, but they did not pay me to write this post. They value high quality of service to their customers and try to offer them the lowest prices they can. I also appreciate the convenience it offered me being in my home and saving me a lot of time!
I highly recommend trying this next time you need lab testing. Let me know what you think in the comments!