how to prevent zika virus


Back to the Food Democracy now report. Remember how glyphosate residue is on many non-GMO foods? That is because a pre-harvest practice is to spray certain crops in order to make the harvest process more efficient and inexpensive. The crops include wheat, oats, flax and barley and applying glyphosate dries them quickly. As a result, eating these crops becomes a significant dietary source of this herbicide.

Reproductive Toxicity

Looking at a 2017 study with male rats, we see significant reductions in sperm counts and motility. The study also shows increases in abnormal sperm cells along with severe degenerative testicular lesions in rats with exposure to Roundup. Roundup is an herbicide that kills weeds. The active ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate.

DNA Damage

A Polish study demonstrates that our DNA can be damaged by glyphosate exposure. Their conclusion is that exposure can result in DNA methylation in our cells. This is a groundbreaking study because no other studies show that our DNA can be damaged in this way.


There is strong evidence that glyphosate exposure contributes to cancer. To quote Dr. Stephanie Seneff in her paper “Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases IV: cancer and related pathologies”: “We have shown that glyphosate transforms exposed cells into a tumour-provoking state by suppressing crucial enzymes in the electron transport chain, such as succinate dehydrogenase and fumarate hydratase.” Glyphosate acts as a chelating agent when it is introduced into the body. This leeches away valuable manganese from our cells, contributing to mitochondrial damage by causing mutations in our DNA.

Endocrine Disruption

A Tunisian study shows that glyphosate exposure causes endocrine disruption and ovary damage in female rats. This herbicide has hormone hacking abilities. Hence, it is best to avoid exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in order to not further complicate health issues like PCOS. My PCOS is improving by avoiding hormone disrupting chemicals in my personal care products and eating a healthier diet.

Loss of Nutrients

Remember that glyphosate has the ability to chelate minerals. This includes iron, manganese, boron and zinc in the soil. Due to chelation, plants are not able to absorb these vital nutrients as well. As a result, the plants are not as nutrient dense.

Anencephaly and Microcephaly

Can microcephaly or anencephaly be explained by exposure to glyphosate? I no longer believe the Zika virus causes microcephaly. Dr. Stephanie Seneff has a number of publications on this subject. In her lectures, she warns against the dangers of exposure to the herbicide. She points to the possible association of glyphosate exposure and microcephaly in babies.

Other Health Concerns

Glyphosate exposure is linked to a number of other health conditions. These include celiac disease, autism, ADHD, infertility, miscarriages, stillbirths, IBS, and respiratory conditions. It is best to be cautious even if we are not certain that exposure causes these diseases.

How to Avoid Glyphosate

It is pretty scary to hear the damage that this herbicide can do. However, eating an all organic diet is the best way we can avoid it. Although it may not be affordable to do this. For my family at this time, it is not. So what can we do? We can do the best we can to eat as many organic foods as possible. Growing your own food definitely makes eating organic more affordable.

Eliminating Glyphosate

One other way to reduce the harmful effects of glyphosate exposure is to take a supplement called Biome Medic. This supplement created by Purium helps to eliminate glyphosate from your microbiome. Yes, that is right. This supplement has the ability to remove glyphosate from your gut! There are studies in animals as well as in humans. The company’s specific formulation is able to remove glyphosate from the gut. This is the first and only product that removes glyphosate from the body. The clinical studies have released and the results are incredible! They found there was a 75% reduction in CRP and a 74% reduction in glyphosate in the microbiome after taking Biome Medic.


People who take Biome Medic report they have flatter stomachs and better and more regular bowel movements. It helps support a healthy immune system and aids in nutrient absorption. Looking at the composition of the product, it makes sense that it has these benefits. The supplement is a blend of probiotics and prebiotics as well as a fulvic and humic acid blend. These support healthy digestion in addition to helping your body to detox.

Be sure to discuss taking this supplement with your doctor first, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. I am not taking it at this time since I am nursing my baby. However, I am considering taking it if I can get confirmation of its safety with my doctor. UPDATE 3/8/17: I have received confirmation from David Sandoval, the founder of Purium, that Biome Medic is safe to take while pregnant and nursing!

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